The Scrivener, a steampunk opera at sea

The Scrivener, a steampunk opera at sea

Blacky, a humble sailor, becomes entangled in the absurd functions of a nameless sailing ship and is suddenly promoted to Captain, at sea. He must learn the fate of the previous Captain and understand the nature of the raging sea around him. A nice companion piece for a society gone mad.
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About Esoteric Orange’s Creators

David Orange Jr.

David Orange, Jr. is a writer and martial artist living in Birmingham, Alabama. A student of martial arts since 1972, he lived with aikido master Minoru Mochizuki in Japan from 1990 to 1992, training and teaching aikido and other arts at Mochizuki sensei’s dojo from 1990 to 1995.

In addition to poetry, short stories, novels and essays, he has written for international studies of epidemiology and rare disease, working with international researchers and medical doctors in many fields.

He is currently concentrating on this website, writing blogs and articles, but also screenplays and novels. He has three children, who remain his primary concern in life.

Lee Ann, Moxie 6 yo Arabian mare, Tango, 17 yo AQHA gelding
Lee Ann, Moxie 6 yo Arabian mare, Tango, 17 yo AQHA gelding

Lee Ann Lutz is a web designer, graphic artist and teacher of natural horsemanship in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She lives on her horse farm, Red Tail Ridge, fulfilling her childhood dreams from Bluff Park, Alabama of riding and communing with her horses in nature. In her horsemanship instruction, she teaches people of all ages to develop relationships with horses using the language of the horse. Through this work, individuals gain confidence and experience personal triumphs in all arenas of life.

A skilled photographer, she also captures images of natural beauty. Her collection of photographs will appear on Esoteric Orange soon.

Lee Ann has worked for major corporations and small businesses as a graphic artist handling visual communication for entrepreneurs in various areas of interest. Her patient approach to business building spares no detail and gives rich voice to others’ passions and dreams. She hopes to see Esoteric Orange become an uplifting influence for people around the world.

She is uplifted by her family, friends, customers, horses, cats, dogs and the natural world. She has two sons, for whom she cares deeply.