Don’t Go Fund Me!

  I’m making a movie! Boxes, the Motion Picture (based on my novella, Boxes,) is now in development. Please forgive the lengthy inactivity here at Esoteric Orange. I’ve scarcely logged in to this site and I haven’t posted anything since my piece on Monolithic Domes several weeks ago. There’s a reason for that. This is an “author’s… Read More

Indonesian Music of the Spheres

The gamelan has always fascinated me with its ethereal tones. And the music includes a number of instruments I didn’t know about. This video captures not only the spectacular music but reveals the source of the sounds. Time, space, creation, destruction, the spiritual world in full spectrum, much of it created with something like cooking pots. This group really cooks. Read More

Virginia Newcomb – Hollywood is not the Limit

Today, in our first post on filmmakers and actors, we’d like to introduce a promising Southern actor you’ll soon recognize in many places at once if you haven’t already spotted her: Virginia Newcomb. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Virginia Newcomb pursued the creative life from the start. She began acting while growing up in Alabama, attended Jacksonville State University… Read More