Monolithic Dome Houses, Safe, Warm, Quiet and Dry

Once the concrete has cured and the exterior has been treated to protect the airform, a monolithic dome can be expected to last for hundreds of years with very little maintenance. Moreover, this structure easily survives hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, bullets and bunker-penetrating missiles. That’s not a joke. When the US was still on good terms with Saddam Hussein, the Monolithic people built 28 monolithic domes in Iraq, 27 being for grain storage and one for a mosque. A missile punched through tha dome with a 5,000 pound warhead. It exploded inside the dome but left the dome structurally sound. It needs massive repair but it won’t be falling down. Read More

Champ, the American Loch Ness Monster

In Lake Champlain, legends tell of a massive creature that sometimes appears from the deep and looks for all the world like the Loch Ness Monster. Known as Champ or Champy, this creature has been spotted over many decades. One incredible photograph, taken by Sandra Mansi in 1977, has mystified experts ever since. What could Champ be? How about a piece of driftwood? Read More

Indonesian Music of the Spheres

The gamelan has always fascinated me with its ethereal tones. And the music includes a number of instruments I didn’t know about. This video captures not only the spectacular music but reveals the source of the sounds. Time, space, creation, destruction, the spiritual world in full spectrum, much of it created with something like cooking pots. This group really cooks. Read More