Cowboy Comes Home


With the full moon so pretty tonight, I remembered a song I wrote last full moon.
So here it is.

Cowboy Comes Home

The cowboy comes home

to his blanket,

tips his hat to

the full moon

to thank it.

He sleeps on the ground

and he lies in the rain

when he says he ain’t lonely

and he don’t feel no pain.


The pony comes home

to his bucket,

finds it empty,

he whinnies, says


He eats ’round the cowboy

that sleeps on the grass

and they go back to riding

when the day

comes to pass.


The poet comes home

to his papers.

He’s seen many dreams

turn to vapors.

He looks for the essence

of all he can see

and he keeps on singing

because he is free.


The cowboy comes home

to his cattle.

He’s hungry.

He feels his bones rattle.

But the cowboy and the pony

keep riding along,

and somewhere that poet

is singing their song.


Singing hi-deedle-dee-dee!

at the first light of dawn

the cowboy and the pony

go riding along.

Singing hi-deedle-dee-dee!

and singing out strong.

And somewhere the poet keeps singing their song.

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