Don’t Go Fund Me!



I’m making a movie!

Boxes, the Motion Picture (based on my novella, Boxes,) is now in development.

Please forgive the lengthy inactivity here at Esoteric Orange. I’ve scarcely logged in to this site and I haven’t posted anything since my piece on Monolithic Domes several weeks ago.

There’s a reason for that.

This is an “author’s website,” as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, an interface to reach readers with my writing and tell them about my other projects. For the last several weeks, those other projects have filled all my time. Some of that was working on an independent film crew, some appearing in a short film. Much of the rest, I’ve been working on the screenplay for Boxes. And now I’m working to get the film produced!

As you might guess from the novella cover, above, Boxes is a scary story. It’s what they call a “contained thriller” in the movie business. It takes place almost entirely in a single location. Eight bad guys force Jeannie Collins and her boyfriend, Pete Travers, into a home invasion of Tibble Tauber’s shop of Antiquities and Unknown Things. But old Tibble Tauber is more than meets the eye. He leads them all into an endless maze of cardboard boxes stacked high, concealing a powerful ancient artifact called The Gears of Light. Follow Jeannie and Pete as they evade the killers, who meet various strange and surprising fates when they open and steal from the BOXES!

I could create a Go Fund Me site to get the Boxes movie off the ground, but I’ve decided to take a different approach.

I’ll only ask that you buy my novella, Boxes, and enjoy it!

That will help me continue writing and developing my screenplays into films.

And if you’d really like to help, please buy my other books, too!



The Deep Lake is available in perfect-bound softcover or hand-bound softcover with the original color illustrations!

  • DeepLakeHandBound72

DeepLake 2ndPageIllustration 72dpi


And please check out The Speederlink, also available as an ebook.




Any purchases will help all my efforts in writing, photography, filmmaking and environmental education through our design for The Energy Garden.

So rather than ask you to Go Fund Me!, I’ll just ask you to buy my books, enjoy them, give them as gifts and share them.

We have big plans, here, at Esoteric Orange!

We’d love for you to be a part of those plans and we will appreciate your interest and your help!

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