Picking up Diamonds off the Ground

Photo courtesy of Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas

Have you ever noticed the diamond on the Arkansas state quarter?

The diamond is the state stone of Arkansas.

Among its many well known mineral riches, Arkansas is home to a very unique kind of diamond, among the most geologically perfect in the world.


These carbon diamonds were formed not by compressing coal, but by compressing carbon dioxide into pure diamond and shooting it to the surface with jasper, quartz, amethyst, garnet and emerald, through volcanic tubes.

At Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, visitors pay $7.00 daily to search and keep whatever they find, including diamonds.

Two or three are found each day, on average. Most are well under half a carat, to tell the truth, but a boy scout found one over 5 carats before his father could get through the tool rental.


and this young woman slowed when she heard God tell her to.


And there she saw this beautiful 3 carat diamond of mesmerizing color and shape.


She eventually sold it for some $20,000.00.

The largest diamond ever discovered in the United States came from what is now Crater of Diamonds. At 40 carats rough weight, about the size of a golf ball, The Uncle Sam Diamond looked like this:


After cutting, the remaining 12.42 carat stone looks like this:


This is the exact spot where the Uncle Sam was found.

Though a shovel marks the spot, the Uncle Sam was not dug out of the ground.

Like most large diamonds found at the Crater, the Uncle Sam was spotted on the surface.




Of course, the Uncle Sam wasn’t the last diamond out there.

One woman found an 8 carat diamond not far from this spot.

You just have to go out there and look…


Way out there and look really closely… there’s a lot of ground to cover.


But that ground is covered with diamonds, just waiting for someone to spot them.

They emerge through erosion and the park staff periodically plows the field.

The best time to search is after a plowing followed by a heavy rain.

Still, you can look and look for days on end and not find anything.

It might seem discouraging, but keep looking.

Those shovel signs are all over the park, marking where significant diamonds have been found.

It’s a magical, mystical place where the air is full of fervent prayers and people hear the voice of God and find treasures.

If it weren’t a little difficult, it wouldn’t be what it is.

But people keep going and they keep finding, often the first and maybe the only time they ever visit.

I’ve been three times, so far, and I still want to go back.

There are diamonds all over the ground.



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