The Deep Lake

“Once, tired and sweaty on a steep mountain path, I thought it would be nice to take a bath. Just then, I passed a bend in the trail and saw a little valley spread before me. It held a beautiful lake, like a jewel, sheltered by stony peaks at the left and right.”

Thus begins a strange adventure, a fable of fables, as a man takes a bath in a lake of conscious water.

Blending Zen stories with Christian ponderings against the timeless background of nature, The Deep Lake follows the man’s search to help others.












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Deep Lake Cover Print

The Deep Lake is available in two editions:



8.5″ X 5.5″

Softcover, perfect bound, signed by author.

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Above are representative samples. Each hand bound-copy is unique.

Featuring the original color illustrations.

DeepLake 2ndPageIllustration 72dpi

“I was stunned by the transparent water and the vibrant coolness when I touched it. I could see great boulders beneath the surface, going down to untold depths.”

DeepLake 9th Page Illustration 72dpi

“As I hiked out of those barren mountains, I saw many deeper layers of the idea to be understood. I thought them all through very deeply and had a series of great understandings as I traveled.”

Hand-bound, with original color illustrations, signed by the author and the illustrator.

7″ X 4.25″ (page size)

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