The New New Moon—the last of 2016, last before the new President

Well. It’s here again… the Not-Here moon I wasn’t sure we wouldn’t see again a month ago. I have deep gratitude to be not-seeing it, yet all is not as it should be. The people are unhappy and afraid. We have good reason to be, but also good reason to stand and work.

Maybe you’d like to listen to this strangely appropriate music this New Moon night of deep concerns. And please read the following while you listen:

Let us realize that we share a narrow gorge with a raging flood but we have a narrow place to walk if we move carefully. It is not our best priority to complain about our position, but to follow the narrow way we can see if we’re careful. So this last New Moon of 2016, the last moment of its kind before a new President, let’s not express fear or cultivate that, or anger, but stand together to meditate in gratitude on our positive power and pray that our love resonates through whatever stands in the way of Humanity, to effect whatever positive influence we can.
By “the People” or “We,” I don’t mean just the American People, but Humanity, who share this planet and prosper or suffer along with the planet’s fortunes. I pledge allegiance to Humanity, but since an American President is stepping into global power, I want to say something about the original American Purposes of the US Constitution and how We, the American People, must act to survive the flood that roars so close beside us and threatens all those we purport to save.

The Founders of the United States said, “We, the people of the United States… ordain and establish this Constitution… “:

in order to form a more perfect Union

establish Justice

insure domestic Tranquility

provide for the common defence

promote the general Welfare

secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

These are the Founders’ Reasons—the original Laws of Physics—for the Constitution they established. The Nation is formed as a Union of the People—not a government to rule a people. Otherwise, the founders would have said, “We the States of the United States…” But it says “We, the People… in order to form a more perfect Union…do ordain and establish this Constitution.” If there is any question that the People are the focus of the Constitution, the Founders’ final Reason is to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Governments do not have Posterity. Nor do States or corporations. Only People have Posterity and only the People and their Posterity have Liberty in the Union of the Constitution. It’s a beautiful idea, the Vector Equilibrium and Key to managing this nation. The pure concept is the key. With it, we can regain control if humanly possible.

Gradually, the intent of these Reasons has been reversed by legislation granting personhood to corporations and rights not included in the Constitution while suppressing the rights guaranteed the People. So the United States is now seriously ill and in grave danger. And that is a terrible danger to the world because the problem in America is mental as well as spiritual. We are lost in a fantasy world of reversed values in which Humanity was made to serve the law rather than Law being made for the service of Humans. The American people, must return to the real Reason we are here because our failure is the cause of most of the serious trouble in the world today.

This is why I say it’s no time for anger or recrimination. I have plenty of those but I must face the truth that they cannot effect the changes the People need. We need to end War or it will destroy us. We can only do this by restoring our Union of People, reclaiming our Nation for Humanity and ending destruction and death as profit sources. We must take our responsibility as The People and restore Justice. Establishing Justice among the Union of People is the second Reason for the Constitution—not export of mercenary bureaucratic “freedom” to other nations but true Justice among our own People and all within our encounter. We do not have it now.

We have no Domestic Tranquility now, either. And it is not the fault of the incoming President, whether he makes it better or worse. American domestic tranquility disappeared long ago, lost to fear and terror almost entirely generated by the domestic government that divided the People and consumed our Rights.

We have no Common Defence but suffer under a Global Offense that leaves every American and every Human in worse danger, committing atrocities in the name of the People of the United States. We cannot allow this because it is an insane violation of Humanity and insane reversal of the Reason for the Constitution. This is a focus of my positive meditation and fervent prayer.

The General Welfare of the People of the United States has been reframed as Corporate Trickle Down, the destruction of the middle class and the serfitization of the Millennial generation. We are the only modern nation that allows corporate profit to control the citizens’ health care, the only nation that sees hundreds of thousands of citizens bankrupted each year by medical expenses. We have the most prisoners of any nation—25% of the world’s prisoners with only 5% of the world’s population. Our infrastructure is crumbling and our general populace is drowning in a fruitless economy, even as we launch millions of dollars per day into the destruction of cities full of Other People and Their Children.

This is no good for the People of the United States or for Humanity. We Americans must reverse this situation through remembering who we are and what we are supposed to do. We are to serve Humanity, Freedom, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—not punish those who either seek those things or live for other reasons. We were born to give Life, not to take it away.

So, this last New Moon of 2016, the most painful year I have ever known, I ask that you meditate on Peace, and pray for me and my well being as I pray for you and yours, that we may pray together in any language for the well being of all Humanity. Let our prayers resonate across this globe in this, our chance to project them in a resonant moment.

Peace, Love, Life

To You



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