The Wellness Reflex

The Wellness Reflex

David Orange, Jr. teaches aikido as an expression of natural human threat responses. Managing those responses is key to releasing stress in daily life.


Easily release anxiety and stress with a simple, natural reflex.

Based on judo and aikido, rooted in samurai arts, combining the methods of master teachers
in many subjects,

The Wellness Reflex

reveals the natural nervous responses behind anxiety and stress
and how to release them easily with comfortable body awareness.

Classes and Presentations

Stress Management

The roots of stress in daily life, affect of stress in anxiety, pain and injury, and how to release it through the natural human standing reflex.

Conquer Compulsivity

Can’t quit? Sure, you can. Neuro-muscular/neuro-linguistic explorations to dissolve compulsivity and open the way to free choice.

Health Defense

Armchair Aikido


Two-Point Aikido

Comforting bodyweight explorations, while seated in armchair or couch, to improve whole-body mobility and vitality. Subtle, soothing “warm-up” for people who dread physical therapy.

Aikido for Personal Safety

Private and group lessons in the subtle self protection methods of aikido—the path of harmony.


The Wellness Reflex

Group  and Private Instruction

David Orange, Jr.

(205) 222-2473

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