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In Memory of Donald Jay Peet, a man of truth, dignity and generous heart. Deep comfort to all who knew him.

Welcome to Esoteric Orange, a site about the living web in which we’re all connected. It’s “my” site, but it’s not so much about “me” as the vast constellation of my interests—art, science, religion, enlightenment, social evolution and kudos. I love to give kudos. And karate, aikido, judo, sword and taiji. And dance, music, airplanes, horses, horse whispering, resonance and synergy. Two of my biggest influences are Nikola Tesla and Buckminster Fuller. Others include Elon Musk, David Bronner and countless daily pioneers of life in the 21st Century. By sharing all these things through Esoteric Orange, I hope to influence where this century will go and what our age will leave in passing. So this website has a broad scope. There will be a lot to see.

Esoteric Orange began in collaboration with my longtime friend, Lee Ann Lutz. I asked her to help me coordinate “my social media presence” as a writer. We discussed making an “author’s website” that would promote my writing, aikido and “mind/body tuning” classes. I’d had a site something like that before but I never really liked it, myself. It was rather narrow and uninteresting. Nothing really special about it to draw people to my writing and photography. I didn’t want to make another site with the point of selling little “things” that are not supposed to be “things” for “sale” but knowledge to be shared, so I had to think about it.

I suggested that we not make it so much about me but about my interests. I suggested that we call it The Orange, after sites like The Onion and The Chive.

Lee Ann asked, “What about calling it Esoteric Orange instead?”

Well. What could I say?

Esoteric, of course, is something understood by or intended for a select few with special knowledge or understanding. In these strange oligarchical days, it sometimes seems to me that the miracle of being alive is an esoteric recognition. So, sure. Esoteric is what we’re about.

And Orange…well…

Lee Ann’s research gave me new insights into the word and color I’ve worn since I entered this world. She showed me broader meaning and richer potential than I’d ever associated with myself. Frankly, I’ve always associated Orange with fire, heat, anger and other intense things. But Lee Ann pointed out that Orange is also the Buddhist color of illumination. In the International Buddhist Flag, Orange represents the essence of Buddhism, full of wisdom, strength and dignity. In terms of the chakras, Orange is the color of the sacrum, radiating creativity. It’s also known as the “one-point” or “center” in aikido, which I’ve studied most of my life. In Chinese Confucianism, Orange is the color of transformation; and in both China and Japan, Orange represents love and happiness. Orange is said to aid in the assimilation of new ideas and free the spirit of limitations, helping us reach the freedom to be ourselves. Orange encourages two-way conversations. It radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of the color red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Inviting, warm and stimulating, Orange gets people talking. And that, too, is what our website is all about.

Thus began Esoteric Orange and the more we talked about it, the greater its capacity appeared. It even opened an opportunity to pursue one of my biggest dreams: to give back to my culture in a lasting and ingenious way. I want to build The Energy Garden—a natural energy demonstration facility for children to visit on school field trips to see passive systems producing and distributing natural energy. Featuring systems for solar-electricity, air conditioning and water heating, along with geothermal water-and-air pre-conditioning systems, the first Energy Garden will serve a small complex of energy efficient structures where Esoteric Orange will be headquartered. After that, we’ll expand The Energy Garden program across the United States and around the world. Working with this understanding from an early age, our children will change the future for the nation and the world.

So here is Esoteric Orange, committed to turning negative energy into positive harmony, not just between individuals, but in society, as well. Esoteric Orange is about the power of human dignity and mutual respect, the wonders of the natural world, the beauties of the artistic world and the deep comfort of the spiritual world, radiating positive energy from the lowest levels to the highest.

Please make yourself at home. Bring your friends and visit often.

PS: Concerning languages—I don’t always notice what language a video is in, especially if it’s a matter of visual interest, so if you come across things in various languages, just think of it like being on vacation. Let it flow over you. You might be surprised how quickly you begin to understand. I’ll try to post things with sub-titles, at least, but if not, just consider it an opportunity to explore the fantastic world we’re in. And if you find something interesting, please come show us!

Namaste, Mazeltov, Kotobuki, Hoorah! Let the Esoteric Orange begin!

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