Martial Arts Answers for Martial Arts Injuries


Do you suffer injuries from martial arts training? It may be that I can help.

My teacher in Japan was a seikotsu in—a setter of bones and healer of soft tissue injuries.
I am not such a doctor.
I am not a doctor at all.
I’m a martial artist with decades of experience in causing pain and sometimes injury in others and, sometimes in myself.
I have decades of experience dealing with various injuries and managing or overcoming them.
About 25 years ago, in Japan, I injured my back trying to become stronger for aikido training. I suffered serious pain and for several months I could barely walk. Even Mochizuki sensei’s treatments couldn’t help. I finally got help from a Feldenkrais teacher and was soon practicing vigorously with the black belts again.
In the years since, I’ve read most of what Moshe Feldenkrais wrote and I’ve had a lot of professional treatment and some professional training in his trademarked Method. I am not, however, a Feldenkrais teacher. I’ve developed a neuro-muscular approach of my own, based on the same judo principles Feldenkrais elucidated in his writing and mind/body work. I do not treat injuries but help people find the natural self organization that allows them to deal with their own pain patterns to improve mobility and comfort in movement.

Now in my 60s, I have very little pain and I move freely and with ease. A couple of days before writing this, I reviewed head-level front kicks, back kicks, round kicks, side kicks, hook kicks, axe kicks, inside crescent kicks, outside crescent kicks and spinning back kicks, spinning crescent kicks, spinning hook kicks… pretty much all kinds of kicks except flying kicks, all at head level and without warming up or stretching. Today I’m completely comfortable and I have no problem walking or standing. In my years in martial arts, I’ve punched thick boards, bricks, stones and block walls. I even once punched the sharp end of a nail and had to pull my hand off of it. Still, today, I can type of 120 words per minute accurately and I have no arthritic problems. All this simply to say I know injury and I know martial arts. I can show you ways of training to access vibrant health and gratifying comfort through nothing but your own attention to standing, sitting and movement.

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